Welcome To PM Fine Cabinetry Inc.

The Princess Margaret Lottery is getting ready for the Welcome Home Sweepstakes. Life doesnít get any better than winning this picture-perfect home nestled in the sophisticated small-town ambience of Oakville, just steps from Lake Ontario. In collaboration with PM Fine Cabinetry, designer Brian Gluckstein has created a home filled with 7,500 square feet of effortless luxury, perfectly reflecting the refined beauty of its surroundings. Thereís something to love around every corner! Everything youíve ever wanted in a home is waiting for you.

A home should provide warmth and comfort to the people living there. Apart from a roof over the head, other aspects of the home add to that warmth and coziness. An important part is the finishing, especially the cabinets in the home. From kitchen cabinets to cabinets in the bedrooms, quality needs to spread all through. An atmosphere of coziness and style should be clearly felt. The company doing the finishing need to be familiar with the work specifics and do their best to produce results as expected. PM Fine Cabinetry is one of the best companies to do your home finishing.

With an awe-inspiring array of designs, glazed finishes, paints and stains, PM Fine Cabinetry caters to the needs and wants of the client. And we donít just stop there. Is there a specific design you want? Have you seen a design that has caught your eye from elsewhere? Our aim as PM Fine Cabinetry is to create high quality cabinets that you wonít be ashamed to show off to your friends. With our experts on hand, we will work with you to achieve the desired results that fit your home. All the details given in will be included in the work and definitely have to appear in the final result.

From door styles to color and design, PM Fine Cabinetry boasts of having over 1000 different door styles for the cabinets. From the usual designs to rather abstract, ingenious and original designs that will leave you torn in between, we cater to all. Donít worry, our experts will ensure you make the right decision in regards to your home and lifestyle. The materials used to make the wonderfully designed products are of the highest quality and come from hardwoods like oak and rose wood. This will ensure that the products last for a long time and keep the home beautiful in appearance and warm.

Apart from lovely designs, we pride ourselves in making practical applications of our products. This means that PM Fine Cabinetry strives to incorporate modern solutions for the home into the design. Donít worry about the classic designs not fitting in with the technology. After a quick survey, we will customize the final result to match your kitchen or wardrobe and give you the best. We give the best value deserved for each client.

What can you expect from PM Fine Cabinetry?

  • Punctual Finish- when we say the work will be done for a certain period; we mean exactly that and stick to the time frame.
  • Clean and tidy work environment- after every working day, we clean up the site. Life must go on, right? We leave the area clean, better than we found it.
  • No concealed expenses- as soon as we agree on the price of the entire project, we will stick to the agreed price and not a cent more. This has increased the level of trust with all our esteemed clients.

PM Fine Cabinetry will ensure that your home not just becomes stylish but also comfortable and warm for all. Give us a try and we assure you of the best professional relationship in Cabinetry industry.